Our New Website!

25 04 2017

It’s here! A.I. Friedman is proud to announce the launch of our new website!

The new aifriedman.com

On Monday, April 24th 2017, A.I. Friedman’s new website became officially open for business! Our URL has not changed and you can still find us at www.aifriedman.com

Our new platform is designed just for you, offering many new and exciting features! We began working on our new site over a year ago, working with specialists and designers to create a site that would be state of the art, and function fully for both our B2C (Business to Consumer Customer) as well as our B2B (Business to Business Customer). Each portal is designed to create a shopping experience that is easy, efficient and full of the special features you’ve grown accustom to from some of the larger mass market sites.

A.I. Friedman Wall Frames Section

As you can see from the screenshot of our new Wall Frames section above, you can narrow your results by brand, type, color, image size, material and price. Also you can shop quickly with our “Add to Cart” button! Also you can click on an individual item to give you all the details you need to know.

A.I. Friedman new customer registrationIf you were a customer on our previous website, you will need to register as a new customer on the new website! This new site won’t remember your account from the old site. Just click on Register at the top of the new site and fill out your information.

Thank you for your business and support. We look forward to serving you on our new website!


Quick Holiday Mug DIY Gift Project

7 12 2016

Quick Holiday Mug DIY Gift Project by A.I. Friedman

If you are anything like me, then every year after Christmas has ended you think, “Next year, I’m going to make EVERYONE a handmade present.” Then next year rolls around and it’s a week before Christmas, you are up to your elbows in glitter and it is just not happening. Well, I have the perfect project for you! This Quick Holiday Mug lives up to it’s name, it won’t take you hours of crafting.  Plus, everyone loves a good mug! You only need a couple things;  A blank mug and some DecoArt Glass Paint Markers (we carry them at our Port Chester Store).

Things you need to make the Quick Holiday Mug DIY Gift Project

These markers a great because after curing the paint in the oven, they are dishwasher safe!   Super easy to use and easy to care for afterwards. When you first open your markers, you will notice the tips are white.  With the cap on, shake the marker a lot. Then using a scrap piece of cardboard (I used the packaging from the markers), press the tip of the marker straight down to the cardboard.  You’ll notice that the tip retracts inward, hold it there for a while, it’s getting full up with the paint.  Once your marker tip is the right color you’re ready to go!

Using the DecoArt Glass Paint Marker

I decided to write “Have a cup of Cheer” on my mug because I thought it would be a cute present wrapped up with some nice tea or hot cocoa.  You can be completely creative and do whatever you want with your mug! Make a Santa’s Milk mug to leave out with your milk and cookies, a personalized mug, draw a picture, or whatever you can think of!

Writing on the mug with the Glass Paint Markers

You don’t need to press very hard to use the markers so just take your time and have fun! I really liked the look of the shiny gold marker and might need to make a mug with just the gold paint next! I added some extra little snowflake details on the handle of my mug.

Mug handle with snowflakes!

Once you have finished your creation you need to let the paint set for 8 hours.  If you are planning on making multiple mugs I would do all the drawing in one sitting and then let all of them rest for 8 hours together.  Yes, I know I said this was quick, but you don’t need to do anything to the mugs during this time, so it doesn’t count. Go use this time to wrap other presents!

Quick DIY Mug Project

Next we need to bake the mug in the oven. This is what sets the paint and makes it dishwasher safe for the future, so it’s important! Set your oven to 375 degrees, pop your mug in (don’t preheat, just put it right in!) and bake for 40 minutes.  After that is over your mug is completed! Stick a bow on it and move onto your next Christmas To-Do List item. Or, just sit down and have a nice cup of cocoa instead.

Finished Quick Holiday Mug DIY Gift Project

We would love to see all the festive mugs you create! Share your projects with us using #DIYwithAIF and Happy Crafting!


10 Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

16 11 2016

Instagram isn’t only a great platform for selfies and pictures of that delicious burger you ate last night, there are also tons of amazing artists posting new content everyday!  Following these artists will help turn your feed into a mini gallery show that updates all the time.

  1. Friends With You (@friendswithyou)

Friends With You

Friends With You is made up of two artists, Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III.  Their mission is to spread “Magic, Luck and Friendship.” Friends With You is known for their large, fun, colorful installations and following their Instagram account will definitely add some cuteness to your feed.


2. Subway Doodle (@subwaydoodle)

Subway Doodle

Subway Doodle lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.  He adds whimsy and fun to the New York Subway by adding monsters into everyday situations.  He uses his iPad to make these drawings and is a cool example of an Instagram artist since social media is the main outlet he uses to show these works.


3. Derek Myers (@derek_the_deliman)

Derek Meyers

Derek Meyers is an illustrator from Ohio who posts amazingly tiny detailed doodles and illustrations. Most of them are inspired by nature and combine geometric framing with intricate linework.


4. Rika Harimulya (@mulyahari)

Riki Harimulya

Riki Harimulya is an Art Director but the reason to follow his account are the beautiful photos he posts of his fantastic hand lettering. We love typography and meticulous hand lettering is our favorite.


5. Becca Clason (@beccaclason)

Becca Clason

Becca Clason is another typography artist but she creates her lettering out of objects instead of drawing.  Her work is creative and so fun, we want to jump into her pictures.


6. Katie Marks (@anotherseattleartist)

Katie Marks

Handmade ceramics amaze us and there are tons of great ceramic artists out there on Instagram.  Katie Marks’ is a great account to follow because she shows all the parts of her process including sketches, mixing, throwing, sculpting and glazing.


7. Danielle Fisher (@danielleportraits)

Danielle Fisher

If realism is your thing then you are going to love Danielle Fisher’s Instagram.  She creates amazing animal portraits with colored pencil and pastels. She posts both works in progress and finished pieces.


8. Mark Lobo (@oakandink)

Oak and Ink Creative

Mark Lobo of Oak and Ink Creative has a really cool project going on his Instagram account. He is working his way through the Pantone swatch book in photos.  Each photo posted lists the Pantone color it is inspired by.


9. Danielle Clough (@fiance_knowles)

Danielle Clough

These embroidered portraits are so painterly, we can’t take our eyes off them.  Danielle Clough creates her beautiful embroidery work on mini hoops, tennis rackets, and shoes.


10. Zener Peled (@zemerpeled)

Zemer Peled

These awe-inspiring contemporary sculptures by Zemer Peled are made up of thousands of ceramic shards. She creates the ceramic pieces herself then fires them and breaks them before combining them into these sea anemone like sculptures.


We hope your Instagram feed will be infused with creativity by following these awesome artists.  If you need more great art content in your feed don’t forget that you can follow us on Instagram @aifriedman 

Five Art Blogs You Should Be Reading

18 10 2016

We love art and we love reading about new and inspiring art from all corners of the internet.  There are so many great art blogs out there but here are five our favorites that we don’t miss any posts from.

  1. Colossal 

Colossal art blog

Colossal has won several awards for internet journalism and if you aren’t reading it now, fix your mistake and add it to your list.  They focus on new and unique art from across all mediums, sculpture, painting, embroidery, installation, object design, and so much more. Every single of one of their posts is inspiring and fresh.

2. Brown Paper Bag

Brown Paper Bag art blog

Brown Paper Bag is a unique blog because it focuses on illustration, but not just traditional 2D illustration.  They will feature sculpture illustration, products with illustrations on them, digital and more.  We love their weekly post of 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions which will introduce you to more Etsy artists than you thought possible.

3. Design Milk

Design Milk art blog

As the name suggests, Design Milk is an online magazine that focus on well, design.  You’ll see new ideas from architects, object designers, interior designers, fashion, etc.  Because of the design focus you’ll get to learn about awesome upcoming technology innovations as well as visual design.

4. The Jealous Curator

The Jealous Curator art blog

The Jealous Curator is all about taking that feeling of “oh man I wish I had thought to do that!”and changing it to inspiration! Don’t be jealous of other artists works be inspired to do more yourself!

5. Bored Panda Art

Bored Panda Art

The main Bored Panda page has it’s uses (cute fuzzy animals, funny memes) but the art tab is where it’s at.  They have a bit more of a DIY focus than other blogs mentioned here but they have plenty of inspiring posts for your scrolling pleasure.

If you have an art blog that we didn’t mention here that you are dying to tell us about, let us know in the comments!  We are always looking for more awesome artwork!

How Gregory Wiseman Invented Gallery Magic

15 09 2016

We recently began carrying Gallery Magic in our framing department and it is a huge game changer for the framing market.  Because we love Gallery Magic so much, both A.I. Friedman stores are offering a promotion; with a $100 purchase of any wall frames you get a FREE Gallery Magic Kit!  Gregory Wiseman, the creator of Gallery Magic, was nice enough to do a little interview with us.  So take the time to read about him and how he invented this awesome product before taking advantage of our sale!

Gregory Wiseman creator of Gallery MagicTell us a little bit about yourself, what were you doing before Gallery Magic?

Greg: I’ve always been interested in figuring out how to do things differently and better.  As a little kid I figured out how to make a watering device for a houseplant.  We were going on vacation and I was worried the plant would dry out and die.  So, I rigged up a plastic milk jug with a tiny tube poked into the side that would dispense slow drops of water for the plant.  More recently, I worked in Research and Development at Kraft Foods for 24 years where I developed lots of new things and received three patents for my inventions.


So what is Gallery Magic anyway?

Greg: Gallery Magic is the easiest way to hang framed art.  Instead of making multiple holes in the wall when you’re trying to get the frames level and evenly spaced, Gallery Magic lets you move the frame in any direction you want after you mount it on the wall.

Instead of the normal nail or hook that attaches to the wall, you attach a super-strong magnet to the wall with one screw about where you want to hang the frame.  No measurements or math needed.

Then, instead of the wire on the back of the frame, you attach a 3×3″ steel plate. Simply put the steel plate in contact with the magnet and it’ll grab the steel to securely mount the frame on the wall.  Now you can move the frame in any direction within the dimensions of the steel plate to get it perfectly positioned.

How Gallery Magic Works

Have you always want to be an inventor, or did it just happen?

Greg: Yeah, I’ve always tried to figure out different ways of doing things!  It’s part of my curious and geeky nature!

How did you get the idea for Gallery Magic?

Greg: It was one of those moments of intense frustration that we’ve all experienced when trying to hang art.  I was so frustrated trying to get the nail in the right spot.  I knew there had to be a better way so I started doing some brainstorming in my head.
Within just a few seconds I thought about a magnet.  How could I use a magnet….?  Within a couple of minutes I had the basic idea of using a magnet and a steel plate.  From there, It was many months of refining and testing different approaches in my basement.

What was the most difficult obstacle to overcome when creating Gallery Magic?

Greg: The biggest thing I focused on was to make it secure so that the frame doesn’t come off the wall.  I worked really hard on optimizing the design to make the magnet and steel connection veryy strong and secure.  Plus, we built in some safety features into the design so the frame won’t fall if somebody bumps the frame and the magnetic connection is temporarily lost.

We know that Gallery Magic is Made in the USA, was that very important to you when going to production? 

Greg: Yes, that’s something that was really important to me.  My dad worked in a General Motors factory as an electrician.  Because the GM cars were being made in the US, he had a good job and our family had a good life. I want to help create solid jobs in the US so that somebody else’s family can have a good life too.

What is the best tip you can give to aspiring inventors?

Greg:  Don’t give up!  There will be so many obstacles and challenges that at first you have no idea how to overcome.  But, be tenacious and get help from anybody and everybody.  My friends and family have been so incredible in helping me.  I’ve tapped into that network for everything from graphics development to filing the patent application.  Tell your friends and family what you need help with.  Everybody knows somebody and those 2nd and 3rd removed connections might be the perfect resource to help you!
Since you invented an art hanging system, are you an art fan?  Who is your favorite artist?

Greg: I do enjoy art and my favorite painting genre is abstract expressionism.  One of my favorite artists in the genre is William de Kooning. In addition, we love to buy art that we find when we travel.  Those pieces are both beautiful and remind me of the great time we had on the trip whenever I see them!

Gallery wall using Gallery Magic
Are you an artist yourself? (If so, what mediums are your favorite?)

Greg: Unfortunately, I’m more of a “left brained” kind of guy which means that I’m great at the logical problem solving stuff.  That’s what helps me be an inventor.  While I love and appreciate art, I’m not so great at creating it myself.

One creative medium that I do enjoy is photography.  I’m good at spotting something that could be a good subject for a photo and then framing the image in an interesting way.  My favorite place to find subjects for my photography is NYC.  There’s a great photo opportunity on every sidewalk and in every park in the city!

What’s next on the horizon for you and Gallery Magic?

Greg: We’re working on additional designs that will hold even heavier frames and also a design that will work with metal frames.   At the same time, we’re growing our distribution network in both the US and in Canada!

How can readers find out more about you and Gallery Magic?

Greg: Please check us out at mygallerymagic.com.   We also have Facebook and Pinterest pages where we share tips and ideas.

Thank you, Greg, for taking the time to talk with us!  Don’t forget to head to one of our stores to get your FREE Gallery Magic kit with any $100 wall frame purchase for the rest of September.