Make Your Own Candy Cane Ornaments

19 12 2016

Make Your Own Candy Cane Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner, and time is running out to make handmade presents! If you know you are short on crafting time, but still want to make something, give these Candy Cane Ornaments a try! The only materials you need are polymer clay, tin foil, an oven and a baking sheet. You can make them in between all of your caroling, wrapping, and cookie eating.

We used white and red Sculpey III to make our Candy Cane Ornaments. You can make a LOT of candy cane stripes with just two packages of clay!

Sculpey III Oven-Bake Clay

The first step is to roll out each of your clay colors separately in to slightly less than a 1/4″ thick rolls. Start by opening your clay and just get the clay going by squishing it a bit in each hand, it rolls better when it’s been warmed up a little. Then slowly work it into a tube and start making it thinner by rolling it on the table.

Make your clay into a tube

You don’t need to worry about keeping one long tube going, once it gets too long to deal with it’s okay to break off individual tubes of clay. Remember you want to keep them long enough to be able to spell out some words with them later. Anything longer than 2 feet is probably way too long.

Separate red and white clay tubes

Next take one piece of white and one piece of red that are about the same length and lay them side by side. Then squish them together a little bit with your fingers so they stick to each other but don’t alter their shapes.

Putting your colors together

Now you need to roll this into a smooth tube by rolling the two attached colors on the table.  Be careful not to twist the colors together, we want them to remain side by side but be smooth all the way around.

Our colors are combined into one tube!

Once they are combined into a smooth tube, start at one end of the tube and begin twisting in one direction to make a candy cane pattern! Try to keep your striping as even as you can.

Now it looks like a candy cane!

It’s time to get creative with your candy cane clay!  You can spell out words like, “merry”, “bright”, “joy”, “cheer”, “jolly” or basically any word in a Christmas carol. You could also write out someone’s name, or just make hearts or stars!

Writing with cursive candy cane letters

After you are done making your words or shapes, cover a baking sheet with tin foil and place your finished creations on it. Bake according to the instructions on your clay package (usually it’s 275 degrees for about 15-20 minutes)

Clay candy canes ready for baking!

Let your clay cool after you take it out of the oven and you are all done! You can tie strings on your creations to make them ornaments, or just stick them on the tree as is! If you made names you could even tie them to a present and use them as a label for the gift.

Candy cane cursive ornaments

We hope everyone has an awesome holiday spending time with family and friends! If you make some Candy Cane Ornaments we’d love to see them, share them on social media with #DIYwithAIF Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!




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