Fun Kid’s Name Decoration Project

27 10 2016

Fun Kid's Name Decoration

It’s always cute and fun to decorate kid’s rooms with personalized items.  These letters are easy to paint up and add a whimsical touch to a shelf! We carry these paper mache letters at both of our stores and if you aren’t in the area you can find something similar at your local craft store.

Materials needed for decorated lettersYou Need:



The first step is to mark our stripes, so they will be even. Using your ruler and a pencil, make a line that is a 45 degree angle from the top edge of your letters.

Make a 45 degree angle

Then you are going to make lines that are perpendicular to your 45 degree line evenly across the letters.  I originally drew these lines a half inch apart but then discovered that my painter’s tape was 1 inch wide. This meant that half my lines weren’t necessary  unless I cut my tape in half.  So, go ahead and make your lines as far apart as your painter’s tape’s width.

Make lines perpendicular to the first line

Repeat this process for all of the letters you are going to be painting.

Letters are all marked up and ready for painting!

Grab your painter’s tape and make stripes using the lines you drew as guides.  It should be easy to make nice even stripes.

Make stripes with the painter's tape

Now you can paint in-between the tape and know that you will have beautiful clean lines when you peel the tape off!

The painter's tape will give you perfect clean lines!

Feel free to go crazy with color options here.  Use the favorite colors of the child the sign is for.  You can even set up the lines and tape and then let your kid do the actual painting part. Get all your letters painted then peel your tape off!

Halfway done with the stripes!

Make sure you let this paint dry, then go ahead and tape over what you just painted.  Now you can paint the parts of the letter that were covered by the tape before.

More tape!

Paint your second color and then give your beautiful new stripes some time to dry!

Freshly striped letters

It’s time to paint the sides of your letters.  I didn’t use painter’s tape for this step because I felt confident I could avoid painting on the front side, but if you are having assistance from a child you probably are going to want some extra tape insurance.

Almost done with the letters!

After your paint is dry, you are all done! These letters look really cute sitting on a bookshelf or wall shelf.  You could also mount them directly to the wall using some Command Strips. It could be really fun to make a “Happy Birthday” sign with these or even “Merry Christmas” and then paint them with candy cane stripes!  We would love to see your unique creations, use #DIYwithAIF to show off your projects on social media.  Happy crafting!

All finished! Fun Kid's Name Decoration DIY Project



2 responses

27 10 2016

Love this!

27 10 2016

This is adorable! I feel like this is something I could enlist the help of Master 3 for as well, a nice family activity

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