Frame Headboard Project

24 08 2016

DIY Framed canvas headboard

This week we are mixing it up a little for DIY With A.I. Friedman to show off one of our Custom Framing employee’s own DIY home projects!  Heather teaches a weekly painting class on Mondays at the Port Chester store. She used her painting skills and ingenuity to make a very unique headboard for herself!Bracketing the frames to the crown molding

Everything she used to make the project:

This project looks amazing but is actually very simple to do on your own! After painting the canvases Heather placed them inside the frames, then she just bracketed the frames to each other.  And finally, she bracketed the crown molding and side rails to the frames to build the headboard.

This is such an original way for to display art as a part of your home decor!  We also love the idea of using ready made frames as building materials. Thanks for the awesome idea, Heather!

DIY headboard made from canvas, frames and crown molding





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