DIY Marriage Advice Mailbox

27 07 2016

DIY Marriage Advice Mailbox

It’s that time of year again, wedding season. DIY weddings have become a huge trend, but sometimes just planning the wedding takes up too much time to add in extra DIY elements!  This mailbox is a really cute and quick DIY project, that will hopefully give you great advice for years to come. The idea of this mailbox is to set it up on a table at your engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or even wedding reception. Leave it open and provide guests with cards and pens, then they can write their own advice to the new couple! You don’t need that much to make it:Supplies needed for DIY Marriage Advice Mailbox

  • Blank Mailbox
  • Stickers (Thickers, from American Crafts)
  • Paper (I used scrapbook paper)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Optional: Sewing Needle
  • Time: 15 Minutes



You really only need a small scrap of paper to make the little banner, so if you are the kind of person who keeps leftovers, it’s time to dive into that scrap bin.  Same thing with the baker’s twine, it could just be any piece of string but I thought the “barber pole” look of the baker’s twine was extra cute. The stickers I used are Thickers by American Crafts, they are perfect for this kind of project because they have depth to them, stick really well to unusual surfaces (like tin mailboxes!), and come in several different styles.

Let’s get started! Lay your ruler across the non-flag side of your mailbox. It’s going to be a guide to place your stickers evenly and in a straight line!


I started my “Marriage” pretty close to the edge of the mailbox because I wanted to make sure the lid had plenty of room to close. After you are done with the word, “Marriage” scoot your ruler down to be a guide for “Advice.” I thought the words looked better alined to the right, so that is how I did mine.


Now we are going to make the mini banner for extra decoration. Grab your scissors and paper. My paper is scrapbooking paper but you could also go for a different look with newsprint, or even photos of the happy couple! Cut a small triangle out of the paper. My triangle is around 1 and 1/16th inches at the bottom.

Paper triangle for mini banner

Cut out about 7-9 of these triangles, then use a hole punch to punch holes in the bottom two corners.

Make holes in your triangles

Now you need to string your baker’s twine through the holes in the triangles. I am using a 1/16th hole punch (really tiny) so I ended up using a sewing needle to thread my twine through. If you use a larger hole punch, you can probably thread with your fingers.


Make sure you thread the twine up through the back, then down through the front. Do this the same way on every triangle so your banner looks nice and even.

Mini paper banner

Tie little bows at the end of your twine, then attach your banner by putting a dot of hot glue underneath each of the outermost triangles.

Attach the banner with hot glue

Step back, and admire your work, you are already done!  See, I told you, even the busiest bride would have time to make this. Guests will have a fun time coming up with advice and hopefully, the bride and groom find some of it useful! This idea could easily be modified to be a card box for a bridal shower or reception as well. If you make your own mailbox, share it on social media with #DIYwithAIF, we would love to see what you come up with. Get creative and happy crafting!

Finished Marriage Advice Mailbox



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