Art in the Window at A.I. Friedman

20 01 2016

WindowArt2Meet Michelle LoPinto and Katie Oberle who are art students at Adelphi University.DaliWork  They spent most of the day on January 14 creating artwork at A.I. Friedman’s 18th Street store.  They chose to re-create Salvador Dali’s 1931 surrealist work The Persistence of Memory in the storefront window of A.I. Friedman.  Dali’s original oil on canvas shown above is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.  Although it took a good 6 hours, both Michelle and Katie found it to be a very rewarding experience.  Smiling people stopped at the window to watch them paint.  Little kids and adults took pictures of their creative process.

They painted their interpretation of Dali’s work on the wall in the window using Liquitex Basics acrylic paints inWindowArt1 various colors.  Princeton and DaVinci brushes in several sizes were used to complete the project.  Supplies were provided by A.I. Friedman.

Michelle LoPinto is from Bethpage, New York and is studying to get her B.F.A. in Art Education at Adelphi.  Katie Oberle is from Massapequa, New York and is studying to get her B.F.A in Art Therapy.  View more of Michelle’s (mich_loves_art) and Katie’s (kboberle) artwork on Instagram.  Thanks to Anna Milo and A.I. Friedman for giving these aspiring artists an opportunity to share their talents!




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