November 2015 #AIArtist Contest Winner

10 12 2015

The #AIArtist Contest winner for November is Rick Obsorn with his oil pastel “Autumn Drive” which is his farewell to the colorful fall foliage.Autumn Drive  Inspired by his Grandmother Kitty, Rick began painting in 2005.  He uses red backgrounds for his paintings and loves the way it has a harmonizing effect on his paintings.  Most of Rick’s paintings have a good bit of red in them.  He stated in his bio, “There’s just something about red that shakes you up and is powerful.”RickOsbornArtist  In creating his pieces of art, he uses lots of brushes (all sizes), lots of paints (mainly Golden and Liquitex for acrylics, Williamsburg  and Holbein for oils), panels and canvases.  Rick finds all the art supplies to exercise his creativity at A.I. Friedman at great prices and finds our website easy to maneuver.  To view more of his artwork, visit his website.  When he is not painting, Rick enjoys singing and is an Executive Wellness Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner.  Congratulations Rick with your beautiful tribute to fall!




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