Framing a Piece of Art

17 11 2015

Framing_SampleHow Should I Frame my Art?
Use your eyes and listen to your heart.

Hi. I just have a quick question…
I have this picture I picked up on my trip to Kyoto, Japan.  I just love it.  Every time I look at it, it reminds me so much about the experiences I had there.  I want to frame it right.  I live in a very traditional style home.  There is dark hardwood flooring.  The sofa in the room is an emerald green with matching drapes.  There is white molding along the ceilings and 8 inch white floorboards.  The door handles are antique glass, and a sample of the wall color is shown in the image. What should I do?
As interior designers do, we framing designers have our individual theories on how to best frame your artwork. We’d like to preserve your most important life souvenirs and present them in the most appealing way possible. We get emotionally involved with each piece and try to bring out the most important features. I myself believe in most cases a well-designed framing project can stand on its own without having to take the surroundings into great consideration.
In the case of this Japanese woodblock print, I would definitely want to use a fabric mat to bring out the textures in the kimono. A purple middle tone extends the art outward and allows bright reds and yellows to speak. A silver fillet keeps with the cool feeling of the snow falling. I would choose a dark mat to create the feeling of a walk at night. The finished corner frame is burnished to allow the black clay coating to come through the white gold leafing to repeat the fine lines in the kimono and textures in the hair. The gold cherry blossoms and petals work with the greens and yellows and also contribute to the Japanese theme perfectly.
I’m sure you can find the perfect place to hang it up in your house and not worry about anyone asking uncomfortable questions about its placement and how it works with the rest of your décor. It’s more likely one of your visitors would ask you questions about your wonderful trip to Japan and compliment you on your fine taste in art. Thanks for the opportunity to help you with framing something that is so special to you.

Submitted by Framing Designer Chris M

A.I. Friedman, Port Chester Store



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