October 2015 #AIArtist Contest Winner

3 11 2015

LizRichardsPhotoWe would like to introduce you to Liz Richards, A.I. Friedman’s October #AIArtist Contest winner.  Known as Instagram Artist “LizzyLovesFoxes”, her winning Halloween themed original piece is amazing.  When working on canvas paper or stretched canvas, Liz uses Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic and Golden Acrylic paints which she loves because of the high quality and gorgeous pigmentation.  Princeton Brushes are also a favorite in her studio.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Rhode Island in 2014 and focuses mainly in highly textured charcoal drawings and colorful acrylic paintings.  Art is her life and she finds inspiration in mythology, people from around the world, nature, pop culture, street artists and modern tattoo artists.  Her current ongoing series is focused on individuals of nature, society and history that are considered “outcast” or part of a subculture.  October_ArtistHer paintings emphasize color and texture as well as keen attention to detail.  The symbolism she adds to her paintings encourages the viewer to look closer for the messages that her art conveys.  She loves the variety of art products that A.I. Friedman has.  Congratulations Liz and we hope you continue to enjoy shopping at A.I. Friedman for your favorite art supplies!



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