#AIArtists August Winner

28 08 2015

Sharon O’Leary is the #AIArtists Winner for August.August_Artist  The artist and her winning submission are pictured right.  Her website bio describes her as a former art student and art lover who finds inspiration all around her in song, fabric, a word, a phrase, the lake, a landscape and life.  She loves vintage jewelry and has managed an online vintage jewelry store for the past nine years.  Now she designs one of a kind bridal BROOquets and special occasion accessories using incredible, gorgeous vintage pieces.  Art has played a role in her life since she was about 10 and took her first oil painting class.  At 53 years old she now rents studio space and creatively leads project teams in technology environments.  She states that art “has literally provided my core source of passion and inspiration in both left and right brain work”.  Some of the things she uses to create her artwork are acrylics, wool, wire, vintage jewelry and fabrics, charcoal, pencil, ink, oils and watercolors.  See more of Sharon’s creations on her Soulful Shine Design website.  Sharon’s winning entry can also be found on Instagram.  Check out the #AIArtists Contest page on A.I. Friedman’s website for more updates.  Congratulations Sharon!



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