Employee’s Pick – August 2015 – Daler Rowney F.W. Acrylic Inks

13 08 2015

FW-Acrylic-Inks1If you’re the sort of painter who likes to experiment and play with achievable effects, then F.W. Liquid Inks from Daler Rowney are certainly something to consider. Acrylic based, these paints offer versatile fun when applied to fine arts, crafting projects, and household cover-ups. They are available in an array of colors, including a beautiful pearlescent variety that adds so much to acrylic paintings when used for glazing.

Whether you’re looking to paint on glass, wood or canvas, use in an airbrush or technical pen, Daler Rowney makes all of that possible by creating a medium that is rich in color yet fluid enough to allow it to be easily distributed.  The inks are even sold with dropper top for added convenience.FW_Ink_Set

In personal experimentation, these inks are a lot of fun when used alongside traditional acrylic paints, particularly the pearlescent, which will make your paintings shimmer and shine. If using the F.W. Inks alone, try them on a smoother surface like Yupo or Ampersand’s Claybord where you can manipulate the blending effects by angling the paper or board to create incredible dripping and bleeding effects.  Visit A.I. Friedman Stores for all your art supply needs and check out our store calendar for upcoming events and demonstrations.

Valerie, 18th St. Fine Arts Dept.



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