Gourmet Painting

14 07 2015

Old_HollandlogoDid you ever have the urge to drive a Rolls Royce, pilot a Lear Jet or eat a scrumptious meal at the best restaurant in Paris?  If you’re an oil painter we can provide you with a similar experience through a beautiful paint line that we stock here at A.I. Friedman Old Holland Classic Oil Colours are truly one of the world’s finest oil paints.  To experience them is to feast at a table of pure pigments, found at an unreal level of concentration and intensity.OldHollandPaints

These gorgeous paints are available in an unheard of variety of 164 colors, so you can choose from a wellspring of reds, yellows, blues, etc.  Made with cold-pressed virgin linseed oil they possess a very workable body neither too stiff nor too soft.  They paint the actual oil color on the paper wrapped around the tube, allowing you to almost taste the pigment.  Perhaps a bit of a splurge at your initial investment, they actually become more economical due to their incredible tinting power.  You use less to make vivid, alive tints and glazes.  If you are a painter who does either, this is the line for you.

Established in 1664, Old Holland grew out of the famous Dutch tradition of professional guilds.  Start with a few colors and perhaps add some to your Christmas list.  You will not regret moving into the world of gourmet painting.  Submitted by Gary LaRue, Fine Art Department, A.I. Friedman Store in Port Chester, New York.



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