New Product Demonstrations at Both A.I. Friedman Store Locations

29 05 2015

Watercolor DemonstrationOn Saturday May 30, 2015 there will be a watercolor demonstration in A.I. Friedman’s stores.  This demonstration will cover permanence, color bias and color mixing to get the most out of professional artist grade gouache, watercolors, watercolor sticks and new watercolor markers.  Also featured will be an examination of the world famous, best watercolor brushes made, Series 7 along with proper papers and mediums to get the most out of your talent.  The demonstration in Port Chester will begin at 10:30 a.m. and the demonstration in our 18th Street Store will begin at 2:30 p.m.  For more details, please check our calendar.Derwent-Pencils

Also check out the future demonstrations we have scheduled.  Saturday June 6, 2015 will be a demonstration of Derwent Pencils.  Derwent offers the widest selection of sketching media in the world.  These range from Graphite pencil to the unique Graphtint.  Graphtint combines graphite with a gentle tint of color; from the classic charcoal black to the velvety soft Drawing pencil.  There are also colored pencils, Inktense, Colorsoft, Watercolor and Waxed based pencils.

Liquitex Saturday June 13, 2015 will be a demonstration of Liquitex Acrylics.  Liquitex newest products are low odor water-based sprays and markers.  Both are made using the same high quality artist grade pigments found in the color matching Soft Body, Heavy Body and Inks.  Liquitex has a diverse range of professional products including acrylic colors, mediums and painting tools.

These June demonstrations will also be held at both A.I. Friedman stores.  The demonstrations are free but space is limited.  Please check our store calendar for demonstration times and registration information.  Visit A.I. Friedman’s website for your art supplies.



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