AKUA Printing Demonstration

23 03 2015

IISR-Intaglio-8ozOn Saturday March 28, 2015 there will be a free demonstration of AKUA Ink printing at the A.I. Friedman Store in Port Chester, NY from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  AKUA Inks are safe soy-based products for intaglio and mono printing.  These inks have remarkable properties that allow for endless opportunities for creative expression and are available in traditional paste or liquid form.  The demonstration will be presented by New York City based printmaker Christina Pumo.  For over 4 years Christina has served as assistant, apprentice and technical expert for Susan Rostow who is the inventor of AKUA.  In addition, Christina has had an apprenticeship with Master Printer, Dan Welden, for 5 years.  When not working in these artists’ studios, she conducts a wide range of workshops and tutorial sessions on monotype and solarplate printmaking as well as pursuing her career as a professional artist.  Although this is a free demonstration, attendees are asked to sign up at the A.I. Friedman Store in Port Chester or email tonyw@aifriedman.com to reserve their spot.  Check out the event calendar on A.I. Friedman’s Website as there are many more events planned for April.



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