Say “Bonjour!” to St.-Armand Papers

18 02 2015

StArmandWhile Canada may mostly be known for hockey, bacon, and power rock trios, you can also add fine handmade papers to the list. St.-Armand has been producing paper since 1979 of varying types and for a variety of applications. The mill produces everything from traditional handmade watercolor paper to sketch pads to envelopes and cards. Our 18th st. store has recently brought in a selection of these fine papers.

  • Canal Paper – recycled from clothing industry offcuts, denim, white t-shirts, and flax straw. Available in assorted color 22″ x 30″ sheets and various 5″ x 5″ pads.
  • Old Master Drawing & Calligraphy Paper – linen and cotton rag laid paper similar to those used in the 17th century. Individual sheets, 18″ x 24″, 4 colors available.
  • Sabretooth Sanded Pastel Paper (coming soon) – 22″ x 30″ sheets, ideal for dry pastel, oil pastel, or charcoal, 100% rag paper coated with marble dust.

This new line of paper continues to diversify our expanding selection and we encourage you to give them a try and see what they can add to your creative process.

– David, Paper Dept.



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