Lumi Fabric Printing

10 02 2015

Are you interested in learning a new technique for fabric printing and creating wonderful projects that express yourself?  Lumi has fabric painting kits with the supplies and instructions that will bring out the creative side of you.  Founder Jesse Genet has developed a water-based ink (Inkodye) that does not use PVC, toxic solvents, iron or silver in its formula.  Inkodye fixes magically in bright sunlight or UV.  Step-by-Step video workshops have been taught by Genet demonstrating how easy it is to use and the amazing results.  Below are three of the kits offered by Lumi.  The Photo Printing Kit has supplies and instructions for printing your own images on fabric.  The Sunfold Printing Kit takes the fuss out of tie-dye and the results are elegant patterns on natural materials.  The Shadow Printing Kit is a great introductory kit to start printing with objects such as leaves, pins and keys.    These kits can be found in A.I. Friedman Stores and on our website.  Find more about the history of Lumi here.  Look for Lumi to be on Shark Tank on February 13 at 9 p.m. (EST) on ABC.




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