NBMAA: Small Museum Appeal

1 07 2014

Let’s face it. Sometimes going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the MoMA can be overwhelming, daunting, and downright exhausting. So many rooms and floors filled with so many works of art, one can reach art overload rather quickly. A cure for this can be a visit to a smaller museum. Such is the case with the New Britain Museum of American Art (NBMAA) in New Britain, CT.

Inside this newly renovated museum, you’ll find a representation from many periods of American Art. Works by luminaries such as Albert Bierstadt, Winslow Homer, and Mary Cassatt adorn small, easily viewable galleries. Each one giving an overview of some of the highlights in American Art. Portraiture and landscapes from the early 20th century can be seen not too far from works of contemporary abstracts and expressionists.

The-Butterfly-Girl-large  avery

Another showcase of the museum is the Robert Lesser Collection of American Pulp Art. Gathering together many of the original paintings and their printed counterparts from publications such as Weird Tales, Amazing Stories, and Spicy Detective; damsels in distress, bugged-eyed monsters, and rugged space heroes illustrated by the likes of J. Allen St. John and Frank R. Paul show the unbridled imagination of America in the early ’20’s and ’30’s.

FrankRPaul tljart

If you’re planning a getaway from the city and want to add a bit of culture to your outing while not taking too much time to do so, give this destination a try.

Oh, and the cafe serves a nice homemade quiche.


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