June Instagram Sketch Contest Winner

26 06 2014

We have a winner for our June Instagram sketch contest! Check out Lauren Warren’s sketch below and bio about her passion for art! Congratulations Lauren and we look forward to a long career of amazing and inspiring art work from you!

June Winner - Lauren Warren

Lauren is a 25 year old artist from Mount Vernon NY and is currently looking to transfer to an art school from a community college. She has been an artist since she was a little girl and right now works as a realist/photo-realist and mixed media artist. Lauren says, “All of my work so far emits a peacefulness and a grace that I would like to think of as mesmerizing. Although I work primarily as a photo-realist concurrently, content, meaning and ideas are very important to me. I find the universe to be an infinite source of inspiration and I have a lot to say to the world. Art has and continues to make me feel alive and is an experience that lets me be reborn every time.”

Lauren has been shopping at A.I. Friedman in Port Chester for about 10 years. In her words; “Sometimes I think the staff there (Port Chester Store) thinks, ‘Hey, I just saw you last week’. I love getting lost in the store! It is too easy to spend too much time just looking and thinking about the things I can make.”

We asked Lauren to tell us about some of the tools she uses to create her artwork. “I use powdered graphite and right now I’m obsessed with the new Derwent pigmented graphite. I like to crush it up and make layers to draw on top of which is what I also do in my black and white work. I also love card stock, and specialty papers, raw material like burlap and fabrics which I use in collages.”



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