Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors

12 05 2014

Gamblin 1980 Oil Color

Gamblin 1980 Oil Color

Coming soon to A.I. Friedman stores and; Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors! Gamblin celebrates their companies founding year with a new oil color line called “1980 Oil Colors”. Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors offer artists true color and real value. This 48-color line enables A.I. Friedman to offer a better student grade paint and it’s made right here in America. 18 new colors will be added to the palette and available soon in our stores and on our website.
Gamblin Color

Gamblin Color

Owner, Robert Gamblin: “Since our founding, I have wanted artists to be able to paint freely. To use color and texture without hesitation or reservation. To do this, painters need colors that are true. True to the pigment. True to historic working properties. True to the emotion of each color. Colors that feel right under the brush and that age right on the canvas.”

Visit one of our A.I. Friedman stores in Port Chester and New York City and check out the complete line of Gamlin colors! Also, be on the look out for the new 1980 Gamblin oil colors!



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