Inktense Pencils

28 10 2013

As the weather becomes colder outside I tend to find painting plein air difficult to do, especially if one enjoys watercolor.  Freezing temperatures are not conducive for water-soluble paints to say the least. It was during one particular cold winter that I took a friend’s advice and invested in some Inktense pencils.


I’ve used watercolor pencils before, so I was curious to discover what made these pencils different. I immediately noticed how saturated the color was on the paper. Some watercolor pencil brands tend to be lighter on the paper surface and it takes an extra effort to get the color built up. The Inktense pencils were rich from the very first stroke and with over 70 colors in their palette I had a great selection to pick from for my studies

I found with water the Inktense Pencils behaved fantastically across the Arches Hot Press block. The colors could be thinned to very light washes or left with deep dark tones. This fantastic range of possible values made rendering a breeze. Once the colors had dried, I discovered a great feature that it was now permanent on the paper even if I did washes ontop of the original colors! This makes it a great tool for establishing the foundation values for a painting before embellishing it with mixed media.

Its always rewarding to experiment with a new medium and I find it to be a great tool for creating art. I hope you discover Inktense Pencils to be just as wonderful to work with as I have.



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