Crayola Portfolio Series Oil Pastels

5 09 2013

With Crayola’s name squarely behind the Portfolio Product Series you know its got to be a great product! Crayola has produced an entire series of exciting art products perfect for the student, educator, and professional artist alike. The Portfolio Series consists of watercolor sets, drawing pencils, colored pencils, acrylic paints and what is featured here, their water-soluble oil pastels.

Crayola Portfolio Oil Pastel Sets are available in a 12 Color or a 24 Color Set!

Portfolio Oil Pastels are rich in color and have the look and feel of fine oil pastels with a smooth, creamy consistency.  These oil pastels can also produce art via a wet or dry technique. Dip in water or use a wet brush to blend colors and create exciting watercolor effects.  You can also use these in the traditional oil pastel technique of drawing and building up layers of color or you can use them in the exciting scraffito technique where you lay down shapes of light color, overlay dark colors to the same area and then scratch away some of the top layer of color to reveal the lighter color below. A great gift idea for the Holidays!

Conforms to ASTM D4236.

Certified AP nontoxic.



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